How long does it take to have a book cover designed?

The time frame will depend on the complexity, but I will usually have a rough draft to you within a day. Assuming you are good at providing quick feedback, the whole process can take about a week. But we will continue to work until you are completely happy with the end result, no matter how long it takes.

Why is the cover so important?

Please see my article about cover design on Vonnie Davis’ blog. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was created for a reason.

Can I provide feedback to you?

Please do! At the end of the project, I will send you a form to provide me feedback. Please be honest, I strive to grow as a designer and a service provider. I may use your comments on my Authors page.

How do I credit you?

At the front of the book please insert the following:
Cover Design by Keri Neal (we may need to include additional copyrights here if we use stock images)

Can I have text on the spine of the book?

80+ pages: Yes.
79 pages or fewer: No. When the cover is wrapped around your book at the printer, the text may not print correctly or print onto the front or back cover.

What if I own image files that I want included on the cover?

Great! Please make sure you have written permission to use them, however. Please keep in mind that some stock image website have specific requirements for using their images, even the ones you buy from them. These requirements could include, but are not limited to: amount being printed, mentioning the artist in the copyright, size allowed, etc. I will need this information before I can use your image on your cover.

What do I need to have when contacting you?

You’ll need to have these details so that I can go straight in to the project when you email me:

  • A blurb
  • Any images you want included on your cover
  • Any images you have permission to use that you want included
  • Is this a printed book, eBook, or both?
  • Height and width of the book (in inches if it’s being printed, pixels if it’s web based)
  • (optional) Examples of book covers that you love, as well as ones that you dislike

How long is a blurb?

About a paragraph.

Why shouldn’t I design the book cover myself?

While I have no doubt you are a extremely talented writer, your vision for the cover may need some ironing out. A professional knows the market, has the design experience and can help your book look its best. The second biggest fault in self-publishing is having an unprofessional cover. After all that energy you spent getting this story onto the page don’t you think it’s worth the investment?

What if I don’t know what I want on the cover?

That’s okay! I will read your provided blurb and give you some ideas to chew on. After you give me the okay, I will work on the rough draft. Some people are visual, others are descriptive. We will find out which one you are and translate your vision into something eye-catching.

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