On the road again

On March 7, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook, you probably know that I have taken on a new venture. I am now selling premade book covers. I was so excited about it that I started posting my blog all over social media. If you clicked on the link, I apologize, as I posted the WRONG LINK! GRRR! I apologize for that. Although if you’re reading this you’ve found me. So…good on ya :)

So yea, I’ve been taking pictures! Lots of them! I am so fortunate to live in an area with such a rich history. Tons of movies have been filmed here, and after traveling a few minutes outside of Austin I could see why. Acres of rolling fields and charming ranches scatter Highway 29 and surrounding county roads. I stayed off private property and under the speed limit, because once you get into Taylor things start to get a little creepy. Ever see Texas Chainsaw Masacre? Not the old one but the new one? That movie was filmed there. The horror movie buff inside shivered in delight, but I’m still a chicken at heart. Hence the full gas tank and the mace clipped to my waistband. Okay I didn’t have mace, but I probably should have.

I’m focusing on the western mystery genre, only because that is the subject I have at my disposal. I’ll be posting updated images here, but I will also try to blog as often as I can. Then when I get a good database going, I’ll go ahead and setup up a store. Im so excited about this! I hope that by providing original photographs I can help the Indie Author sell more books. After all, a book cover is a suit. :)

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