premade covers

As much as I would LOVE to work with you on creating the face of your next bestseller, I understand that sometimes you want to cut out the middle man. I totally get it :) But what if you don’t want to spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect stock image, only to find another cover with the same image two weeks later? Decisions, decisions . . . Oh! What if you could get a custom look out of an original stock image? Have your cake AND eat it too? My darlings, your wish is my command.

Introducing premade book covers by Keri at I took these photos, I processed them, I dolled them up. No worry of copyright infringment. You want them? They’re yours! If you want to change how your name and title look on the cover, we can make changes then. Happy shopping!

Looking for a custom cover? I still do those too.

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